13.Great White Shark This frightening fish has been around for at least sixteen million years, according to fossil records.

12.Ocean Sunfish The word “sunfish” was chosen in English because these creatures enjoy bathing in the sun near the surface of the water.

11.Portuguese Man-of-War Although this creature looks very similar to a jellyfish, the Portuguese man-of-war, also known as a “blue bottle” in Australia, is a siphonophore. The difference is that jellyfish are single organisms while siphonophores are colonial organisms.

10.Giant Manta Ray As its name suggests, this oceanic animal is the largest ray on Earth. It can reach up to twenty-three feet across and weigh up to an incredible six thousand six hundred pounds.

9.Giant Barrel Sponge This species of sponge is the largest of its kind and is found throughout reefs in the Bahamas, Caribbean Sea, Bermuda, parts of Florida’s reefs, and the Gulf of Mexico.

8.Japanese Spider Crab The Japanese spider crab has the most significant leg span of all arthropods, reaching up to eighteen feet from claw to claw.

7.Giant Pacific Octopus The giant Pacific octopus is the largest of its kind with some specimens weighing up to one hundred ten pounds and having a twenty-foot arm span.

6.Giant Sea Star The giant sea star, or pisaster giganteus, lives on rocky shores along North America’s western coast. These animals are generally reddish-brown or tan and sometimes exhibit a greyish or yellow surface.

5.Blue Whale We couldn’t have a list about the largest sea animals without the most massive creature known to man – the blue whale.

4.Giant Oarfish The giant oarfish reaches up to thirty-six feet long, and longer ones reaching fifty-six feet have been reported but aren’t confirmed. The heaviest specimen on record weighed six hundred pounds.

3 Lion’s Mane Jellyfish They vary in size from twenty inches in bell diameter up to six foot seven inches, and their size seems to determine their coloration.

2.Whale Shark It doesn’t pose a threat to people and is known to be docile – sometimes swimmers can even catch a ride with one by holding one of its fins. Whale sharks grow up to an average size of thirty-two feet and twenty thousand pounds,

1.Giant Squid Number one on our list of the world’s largest sea animals goes to none other than the elusive giant squid.