Munchkin Munchkin cats look very much like other cats, but they have very short legs. Munchkin cats are beloved by cat lovers all over the world for their unique appearance. Even though they are tiny in stature, Munchkins are active and have a very active nature.

Ragdoll   Ragdoll cats are powerful and large, but they can also be affectionate and care for their pets. The Ragdoll domestic cat is the largest. Although Ragdolls may seem intimidating because of their large size, they are gentle and docile.

Maine Coon Maine coons are another large breed of cat. They are beautiful. They come in many colors due to their straight, long coats. They are beloved by both children and pets of all ages.

Scottish Fold The most distinguishing characteristic of Scottish fold cats is their small, folded ears. This breed's unique ears aren't the only thing that makes it stand out. Scottish folds are sweet and friendly, and they love to share their love and affection with their families.

Russian Blue Russian blues are blue-colored cats originating from Russia. Experts will tell that their coats are actually blue, despite their gray appearance.

British Shorthair British shorthairs are a delight. They are round and adorable. This is the oldest English cat breed. It is calm, gentle, and quiet. This breed is known as the British Blue because of its stunning blue coat.

Bengal The Bengal looks strikingly similar to its big-cat cousins. This hybrid is an Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat. Even though they are small, they still look wild.

American Bobtail It is easy to identify American Bobtails. They look wildcat-like and have short straight tails. Despite their wild appearances, American Bobtails can be affectionate and sweet. Their feline companions sometimes call them the Golden Retrievers.

Birman Birman cats have straight, long hair. There are six color options, but most Birman cats have white feet. Their long, soft coats make them friendly.

Manx Cat lovers describe Manx cats as being very dog-like because of their loyalty and playful nature. Manx cats don't have tails, which is their most distinguishing feature. Even though they don’t have tails their personalities aren’t diminished.

Persian Many people love this beautiful cat breed. While little is known about their history, it is believed they were born in Persia around 1600.

Norwegian Forest Cat The Norwegian forest cat is beautiful, long-haired and beautiful. The Norwegian forest cat is friendly and full of personality. These cats are believed to be Viking cats. The history of this breed can be traced back through Norse legends.

Ragamuffin Ragamuffins are great lap cats. They are great lap dogs. They are affectionate and gentle, and have silky, smooth hair.