Holding Eye Contact Do you ever feel unsafe, threatened, or uncomfortable when you are around someone? You shouldn't! People you love, trust and feel safe around should only have long, sustained eye contact. Dogs are the same.

Leaning against or sitting on you As with eye contact, your dog will not be able to lean against anyone you don't trust or know. It doesn't matter if you are sitting on the couch or the floor, your dog will lean against you to make it feel safe, secure and completely comfortable.

Licking you Dog people often say that licks feel like kisses. Dogs will lick you if they are happy to see you, concerned about you, or thankful for your belly rubs. Your dog will approach you and lick your face if they love and care about you. 

Sleeping in Your Bedroom If your dog doesn't like to stay in your bed but still loves to sleep in it, it truly loves your bed . Why? It wants to be near you even when you're asleep, which is a sign that it's completely loyal and doesn’t want to be apart from the pack. 

Wanting to play with you Dogs don't spend their time with people they don't like. You can call it Love if your dog seems to enjoy spending time with you. This could be by laying next to you, following you around or playing with you. 

Tail-wagging It all comes down to the tail. Dogs use their tails to communicate their feelings about their dogs. If their tail is between their legs they are nervous about another dog. If their tail is raised above their head, it means they feel threatened. The tail can tell us a lot about dogs' feelings about us. Your dog will wag his tail if he sees you and is happy to be with you. 

It's Happy When You Get Home Do you see your dog jumping up and down, licking your face, bringing you its favorite toys, or "excited pee" when you return from school or work? It's very excited to meet you. Chances are that your dog is excited to meet you. 

Bringing you their favorite toy You've been selected! It's a very loving gesture when a doggo gives you their favorite toy or anytoy. This is a sign that you are good enough to play with and spend time with. A tug of war with a rope toys is the ultimate sign of affection. You should be happy to be chosen. 

It Carries Your Shoes and Stinky Socks Around Dogs who love their owners' smells will also be attached to their owners. They may search your laundry basket or shoe pile for stinky socks, Tshirts or underwear. 

Seeking Physical Contact Your dog's relationship with you can only be strengthened by physical affection. Although we don't recommend hugging your dog tight, it is a good idea to give it a bear hug. Instead, gentle hugs, cuddles and leans are strong signs that your dog and you are truly inseparable. 

It Smiles at You It's not just your imagination. Some dogs can learn to "smile" by pulling back their lips to show a wide, toothy smile. Your dog will love you if you respond with a happy smile and happy voice. 

 Following you everywhere you go your best friend and will love you until you are completely in love with them. Your dog cares deeply about you. They will follow you everywhere, want to be with you, and even ask where you are. If they didn't love you, would they still follow you around? It's unlikely! 

Greeting you happily and excitedly You can tell that your dog is truly loved when you greet them every day. You might see your pooch poop out of sheer excitement. You're at home, after all! 

It Checks up on You You may find more independent dogs not as close to you or snuggled around your feet as before, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Your dog will "check in" on you from another room, while you are out or in a new setting. This is a sign that it cares about you. 

She lifts her eyebrows when she sees you The cameras were again used. Japanese researchers recorded the dogs' faces when they saw their owners, and when they encountered a stranger. When they saw their owners, the dogs raised their eyebrows. Doggie caution! The stranger had just had an ear-lift. They raise their eyebrows for a reason. They do this so they can have better eye contact and produce the good chemicals that bond you.

He yawns when you yawn. Empathy is demonstrated by yawning when you observe another person. This is called contagious yawning and it's done by half of all people. Researchers have discovered that it is also common in dogs. According to a study, 70% of dogs yawn when their owners yawn. This is a sign that the dog and their owner are emotionally connected. Your dog is there for you, no matter how tired or bored you are. He is there for you.

Dogs can show trust by bringing you items that need "fixing." Dogs can show their trust by giving broken objects to their owners. Szydlowski said that dogs can show their love for you and have faith in you by bringing items to fix.

Dogs will often rub their faces on people they adore. Many dogs will rub their owners' faces to show their love. It's a simple way to show affection. Ochoa said that dogs will rub their faces on you to show affection.