The top 20 most friendly dog breeds

Golden Retriever This breed is known for being one of the friendliest. Golden Retrievers have a friendly temperament and are eager to please. 

Boston Terrier These dogs are friendly and easy-going. They love to be cuddled and are very fond of being able to give them affection. They love making new friends and are always up for a game. 

Labrador Retriever It is hard not to fall for a Labrador Retriever with their bright brown eyes and smiling faces. You can be sure they will soon fall in love too. These gentle, sweet dogs are happy to be with people and are loyal.

Poodle Many people mistakenly think that poodles are snooty and aloof. The affectionate and loving dog is very patient and loves to spend time with its owners. They make a great companion and are intelligent.

Border Collie These energetic dogs love to socialize and exercise, and they are most happy in the great outdoors. They are able to listen to their owners and excel at agility and flying disc. However, they will engage in all kinds of play so long as there is someone involved.

Beagle This happy breed was bred for companionship. They get along well with other dogs, and enjoy socializing with people. They are friendly and will make friends with anyone and everyone, no matter what you do.

Irish Setter The Irish Setter is a friendly, happy-go-lucky dog who loves to give affection. They are energetic dogs, but they love to have fun.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Staffordshire Bull Terriers can be loyal and get along with everyone. Their sweet personalities shine through with proper socialization. They are happy to play fetch and enjoy a walk.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel This puppy was born to be a companion dog. It should come as no surprise that they love being social. These loving dogs are happy to snuggle up with their owners and love being loved.

Cockapoo The Cockapoo, a lively and outgoing dog, is a favorite of many people. They are happy, playful, and eager to please. Play and cuddles are their top priorities!

Boxer The Boxer is a large dog that loves to play and can be loved by families. Boxers are energetic and loving hounds who love being with their families. They will greet you with a lot of enthusiasm.

Shih Tzu Did you know that Shih Tzus were first kept by Tibetan monks and then gifted to Chinese royalty? These tiny pups are just the right size to snuggle up with their owners and love the attention and affection of their human.

French Bulldog French Bulldogs are loved by many people and they're well-known for it. They love attention and are a joy to be around. They are a great choice for first-time dog owners and families because of their laid back personality.

Basset Hound Basset Hounds can be relaxed dogs and get along well with other people if they have been socialized in their early years. Even if they're just sharing a sofa at night, Basset Hounds enjoy being around people. They are sweet and easy to get along with.

Cocker Spaniel Cocker Spaniels can be energetic and a good choice for active families. They can easily fit into families if they are socialized and trained properly.

Greyhound Although they may seem energetic, greyhounds are some of the most lazy dogs. They can be gentle and calm with children and other dogs.

Great Dane Great Danes love their owners to the fullest. They are loyal and loving pets that love their families. They are a good choice if you have pets.

Samoyed These adorable pups love to play with humans and other dogs. They are loyal, reliable and love their human family.

West Highland Terriers The Westie is a joy to be around. You can feel the spring in their steps and they are always ready to take on any challenge. Because of their amazing adaptability, they can be as comfortable snuggling up on the couch as out on a walk.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Corgis, a favourite of Queen Elizabeth II, are charming companions and have a lot of personality. They are strong and protective of their families because they love their people deeply.