The World's Top 10 Celebrity Dogs breed

Boo The Pomeranian With over 18 Million Facebook Likes, Boo is one of the first dogs to make itself famous on the internet and is the most followed dog till today.

Maru The Dog The second most followed dog with over 3 million followers, Maru lives with his owners in Japan and he might be the happiest looking dog with his contagious smile.

Tom Hardy's Dog "Woody" Hunky Tom Hardy may be a tough guy who is always posting pictures of motorcycles but he's a soft hearted man when it comes to his dogs. Although his beloved dog Woody passed away last year, he's taken a shine to a few more pups and is also fostering dogs. Now that's a good looker with a heart of gold who cares for the dogs.

 Lewis Hamilton's Roscoe At one point, he is a major star in the sport of Formula One racing. He is also a massive dog lover. This 37-year-old guy rarely travels without his adorable English Bulldog, Roscoe. In fact, F1 fans have probably seen his furry friend (Roscoe) at one of the Hamilton's races.

Chris Evan's Dodger Chris Evans has an extremely strong bond with his Boxer-mix rescue dog, "Dodger". In fact, he has said that his relationship with Dodger is "probably one of the purest". He even has a tattoo in his body in the honor of his adorable pup.

Corgnelius The Corgi Corgnelius is on his way to the top. With having approximately 100000 Instagram followers, he is surely becoming a fan favorite. As he waddles through Los Angeles, he will brighten your day with his irresistibly cute smile. Also, he has the best name for a corgi, Corgnelius.

Manny The French Bulldog There are lots of french bulldogs on the internet but Manny takes the 1st position as the World’s most followed Bulldog. If you are wondering why he looks so familiar, maybe you have seen him in one of the many print advertisements, television commercials or even in the movies. His cute looks and kind heart (donating to charity regularly) has built him a following of more than 700,000 Facebook likes and over 600,000 Instagram followers.

Zendaya's Boy "Noon" Zendaya and Tom Holland are the power couple of 2021. Not only are they are adorable, but they have so much in common. They both love dogs as well. Zendaya is a devoted dog mom to a sweet Schnauzer breed dog named "Noon".

 Tom Holland's Tessa Famous Celebrity Tom Holland has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Tessa) and that's definitely one of our favourite things about him. He's showing the world, on purpose, that the dogs are a loving animals and it's all about how you raise them.