The World’s Top 10 Non-Traditional Pets

Ferret Ferret popularity in the United States is growing. Families are welcoming these furry creatures into their homes more and more. Ferret food can be purchased at most pet shops and takes very little time for them to get out of their cages. Ferrets can be very intelligent. Ferrets are very affectionate and can bond with a person once they're bonded. 

Leopard Gecko The leopard gecko is a great choice if you are looking for a non-traditional pet, but don't have much space. The leopard-like spots on their faces give them their name. Leopard geckos, however, are more friendly than the big cats and can be pleasant with people! They only need a 10-gallon tank to live a happy life.

Chinchilla The Chinchillas were originally from the Chilean highlands. They are extremely soft and are becoming more popular as pets. However, caring for a Chinchilla is a little more difficult than caring for an cat or dog 

Hedgehog Hedgehogs make great pets for introverts. These non-social bundles have a very simple diet and need an enclosure that is similar to a pen for guineapigs. Hedgehogs don't like sharing spaces so only allow one to live in your home.

Fennec Fox Fennec foxes are more cat-like then dog-like and require lots of space and care. Many people keep them as pets in large, enclosed outdoor areas. They can't be kept in a cage all the time. It is important to let them out at the very least once per day.

Emperor Scorpion An emperor scorpion is a great non-traditional pet for those who like to rock and roll. These African natives can grow up to 8 inches in length and have large front claws. The emperors' poison is milder than Indian red scorpions. The species is almost always gentle and docile. Scorpions, despite their gentle natures, are more of a "look-don't touch" pet. This is because they don’t like being touched.

Skunk Some people keep skunks for their pets. Although they may be stinky, the little rascals can be quite cute. They are affectionate and can bond with people. Domestic skunks have usually had their scent glands removed so they don't spray around the houses.

Capybara Capybaras have the most kindest animal you've ever seen. These large, social rodents consistently rank high on friendly animal lists. They are not easy to care for as pets. Capybaras require plenty of space and access to a swimming pool. Because they are social animals, it is impossible to have one capybara. Even with human companionship, he or she can quickly become depressed.

Llama llamas can be a designer pet for those who have the means to afford them. Llamas, the South American cousin of the camel HTML1, are one of few animals people can hug. They are so sensitive to emotions that Andean people call them "silent brother".

Sugar Glider Sugar gliders can be described as "flying" marsupials that are about the same size as gerbils. To live their best lives, curious animals require large enclosures and lots of toys. When they are pets, they love to spend lots of time with their owners.