These 10 Large Cat Breeds Would Make a Great Addition to Your House

Maine Coon Hodgson calls them "the dogs in the cat world", because they are both friendly to their families and intelligent. They are fun for all ages, but there are health risks. These include an increased risk of polycystic kidney diseases, hip dysplasia and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. 

Savannah The Savannah is perhaps the most photographed cat on the list. It almost looks like a mix between a leopard or a tiger. Hodgson claims that this is one of their strengths, as well as being intelligent and energetic. Hodgson states that they can still display aggressive and wild traits because they are a hybrid breed. 

Siberian  Hodgson says that Siberians are playful and don't need much care. They're affectionate and loving the outdoors, love children and other pets. They are also very healthy. There aren't many cons to this, but you should still invest in a heavy-duty vacuum because they shed their fluffy, long hair often.

Norwegian Forest Cat The Norwegian forest cat is another family-friendly option. The Norwegian forest cat is a healthy, strong and affectionate breed. Hodgson describes them to be friendly, loyal, and outdoor-loving. However, they are susceptible to kidney problems and need regular grooming. 

Ragdoll Ragdoll cats offer so much more than meets your eye. Hodgson claims they are cuddly, playful, and children love them. They are calm and docile so you can relax all day. Their eyes are unique and can make them stand out. However, some may be partially blind or unable to see well. 

Ragamuffin We would choose Ragamuffins to be our social chairs if cats were human. Although they are known to love everyone in their family, they can also be very messy. Their shedding can cause serious damage and require a lot of cleanup. These cats, like many others, are happier around other cats.

Chausie  Outdoor lovers, we have the cat for them. Chausies are intelligent and athletic and will go with you on the open roads. Hodgson states that these hybrid cats are energetic, and could be more assertive or aggressive when feeling frustrated or scared.

British Shorthair A British shorthair is a great choice if you don't want your Chausie to be the boss. Hodgson says that this breed is very calm and easy-going. They are a good choice for working people as they don't need much attention. Hodgson suggests that working cat owners keep two kittens so they can be together. Your cat will be fine if you control their diet, but they are more likely to gain weight. Keep them from being picked up, and stick to pet care. 

Turkish Van Hodgson says that the Turkish Angora is a very good friend to humans. They are playful and strong personalities. They are susceptible to deafness due to a genetic abnormality. They are also at risk for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, just like the Maine coon cat.

American Bobtail An American bobtail is a cat that behaves like a dog. Hodgson says that they love to play and are adaptable and loving. They are susceptible to hip dysplasia, and some are born with no tails (known collectively as "rumpies"). Hodgson says that rumpies are unable to breed due to health issues associated with a shorter spine.