Maltipoo The crossbreeding of a Maltese and a miniature poodle resulted in this cross-breed puppy. They are energetic, lively and simply adorable. 

Chow-chow Chow-chows can be so adorable because they are notoriously stubborn and hard to train.

Shih Tzu The attitude and big, soulful eyes of this dog will do the trick. This breed is well-known for its devotion and affection.

Border Collie The medium-sized herding dogs are not only cute but also have a sophisticated air. It's a great breed from across the pond!

Pug You can't resist the wrinkly nose and muzzle. Cuteness is sealed with a curly tail.

Siberian Husky An entire team of adorable huskies is better than one. Be ready for their immense energy.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi The Queen of England is known for her great taste in dogs. Elizabeth II has had more than 30 corgis in her life!

Australian Shepherd Aussies are a mix of beauty and brains. These intelligent dogs love to have a job, so they pick up new tricks quickly.

American Staffordshire Terrier Am Staffs are one breed that is often mistakenly called pit bulls. But don't let stereotypes fool your brain. These intelligent, good-natured dogs love to be part of the family.

Beagle Snoopy is the most beloved beagle ,, but three-dimensional beagles are equally charming. These lovable hounds love to follow their noses and sometimes get into trouble.

Shetland Sheepdog Shelties are fond of cuddles and children. What more could you want?

Golden Retriever For good reason, they are one of the most loved dogs in the country. No matter what, goldens are photo-ready. 

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkies began their careers in Victorian factories. But their beautiful (and hypoallergenic! ) fur quickly earned them a reputation as an elite companion.

French Bulldog It's not surprising that city dwellers see Frenchies almost everywhere. These adorable, low-energy, long-eared dogs are the best roommates you can have. They also never leave dishes in the sink.

Dachshund There are many types of dachshunds, including long-haired and wire-haired. You can choose from two sizes: the standard or miniature.

English Setter The English setter, also known as the "gentleman" of the dog world, is well-known for its strength and style. Their coats are not spotted. The speckled pattern is called "belton." "

Bernese Mountain Dog Imagine giant, friendly fluff balls and you have Bernese Mountain Dogs down the street. They are super strong because they were originally raised by Swiss farmers as friendly helpers.

Dalmatian Dalmatians are loved by everyone, no matter if they are in Disney movies or fire stations. Their distinctive coats have won hearts everywhere they go. However, the spots develop later in life; litters are born completely white.

Labrador Retriever You can't get enough of these cute faces. For more than 25 consecutive years, Labs have been America's number 1 dog breed.

Cairn Terrier These adorable little guys will make you smile if you've seen The Wizard of Oz. Terry, a Cairn Terrier that was abandoned, went on to be one of the most famous canine actors in history.

Portuguese Water Dog This hypoallergenic breed is, as the name implies, a lover of water. Strong swimmers have webbed feet!

Shiba Inu Shiba Inus was popularized by the doge meme. It's easy to see why they are "amazing" when you look at their fluffy faces.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier You've probably experienced a "Wheaten greeting" from a hypoallergenic terrier. They love to greet you with a warm welcome. Let's go!

Welsh Springer Spaniel Welshies are known for their red-and-white coats. They might be the most adorable hunting dog. The Welshies are a proud breed with a long history. The breed was first developed in 7000 B.C.

Cocker Spaniel Lady and the Tramp, a Disney movie about cocker spaniels, showed how respectable they can be. These merry dogs enjoy long walks and lots of playtime in real life.

Brittany Brittanys are not a setter or spaniel. They have a fun loving attitude and a lot of energy. They are actually more gentle than their appearance makes them appear.

Boxer  Boxers are known for their big eyes that stare directly into your soul. Add the head tilt and you will melt.

Basenji Basenjis are also known as the "barkless dog" and alert their owners by making a sound similar to a chortle. Bonus: Basenjis are unusual hounds that don't shed much, so your clothes won't be furry.

Bearded Collie These collies are perfect for shaggy dogs lovers. These charismatic herders are renowned for their beautiful expressions.

Great Dane These gentle giants of dog world love to be close to their owners but they don't want to be confused with lap dogs. Great Danes are almost three feet tall at the shoulder and take "cute" to the next step.