Tips for pet care during the summer season

It is important that your pet's water bowl is always filled with water. 


Do not leave your pet in a closed car. It can cause heat stroke.


You should ensure your pet is shaded. It is best to keep them cool in the room. 

Keep Indoors

It is a good idea to groom your pet regularly as it will keep them relaxed and comfortable. 

Dog Grooming

They should be free from ticks, fleas, and lice, which are active during summer. 


Avoid feeding your pet a protein rich diet. It could cause problems for their digestive system.


Summer is the best season to lose weight. Take them for a morning and evening walk. 


You should check if your pet is excessively painting, drooling or has a higher heart rate during heatwaves. 


Don't wear hoodies or t-shirts. Take off the Collar and Harness and let them go indoors.

No accessories

If you notice severe symptoms such as excessive drooling or bleeding, rush them to the veterinarian. 

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