Top 10 Amazing Questions And Answers About Dogs

1. Why do dogs wag their tails? Most of the people have heard that dogs wag their tail when they are happy, but this is not always the reason. Dogs use their tails to communicate their emotions with the humans and with the other dogs.

2. Why dogs lick people? Dogs will often lick their owner or other people as they like the taste of their skin and as a sign of affection. For dogs, licking releases pleasure and releases stress. It also give them calcium salt released from our sweat.

3. Why is chocolate bad for the dogs? Though chocolate is a tasty treat for humans but for the dogs it is poisonous. Chocolate’s toxic component is theobromine. Dogs digest theobromine very slowly, which allows for it to build up in their system to toxic levels. So, chocolate should always be out from the reach of dogs.

4.  Do dogs dream like humans? Just like us, dogs also dream and go through sweet sleep, It is a cycle in which dogs experience dreams. Vetstreets also found that puppies and older dogs usually dream more than the middle aged dogs.

5. Why do the dogs howl? There are mainly four reasons for the howling of dogs i.e. Ancestry, Communication, Sickness or Injury, and Separation anxiety. Because dogs are related to the wolves, they have the ability to howl.

6. Why do the dogs have wet noses? Dog noses secrete a thin layer of moisture that helps to absorb scents. Then, they lick their nose, so that they can easily taste these scents. Having a wet nose is also one of the ways that dogs can regulate their body temperature.

7. Why do the dogs have whiskers? Dog's whiskers have follicles at the base. These whiskers have nerves that send the messages to the dog’s brain. Whiskers serve as receptors for important information, such as size, shape, and the speed of nearby objects, people, or animals.

8. Why do the dogs eat grass sometimes? Sometimes dogs eat grasses because they have an upset stomach or loosemotions. Also sometimes they may be craving essential nutrients that they are not be getting in their regular diet. Generally speaking to the experts, they say that there is no danger in letting our dog to eat grass but in small quantity. If your dog has a sudden increase in grass eating, there could be an underlying issue, that requires veterinary assistance.

9. Why do the dogs chase their own tails? Also called ‘Whirling’ means chasing their own tails is a natural behavior and a form of play for the predator animals. As a puppy, chasing their tail can be a short term cure for boredom or a way to gain attention. If your dog is chasing their tail as an adult, it may be part of a larger issue, like fleas, worms or even a behavioral problem (i.e. compulsive disorders).

10. Why do the dogs bury the bones, food or other items? Wild dogs used to bury their food to hide it and save it for later so that other animals could not get it, but now the domesticated dogs have plenty of food, there are a few reasons why they’re still burying the food items or bones like to feel fresh in boredom situations, their owner giving them much food then they want or they love to hide the bones or food items in the grasslands.