Top 10 Animals That Saved Human's Lives

1. Jambo the remarkable gorilla that saved the life of a boy who fell into his pen

2. Toby the doctor Golden Retriever whose owner had a choke of apple in her throat and toby managed to push her, gave her relief and save his owner's life

3. A Whale protects the scientist from an attack of the sharks

4. Dolphins protect humans from an attack of the shark

5. Lulu the pig saves woman having a heart attack, after seeing his owner in pain he take a man with itself and thus saved his owner's life

6. Sasha the pit bull saves family from a fire occurred in their home

7. Sea lion saves a man after he jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge

8. A pride of lions saved a kidnapped girl from three goons

9. A cat whose name was Rusty, saved a woman from heart attack

10. Pearly the parrot saved his family from a fire accidentally occurred in their house