What is a Pointed Cat? Pointed cats have dark-colored bodies, but light extremities (such the Siamese signature look). The cat's fur is darker than the rest, with darkened faces, ears, tails and sometimes paws or legs.

Balinese Balinese cats are a pointed breed with deep blue eyes. These strikingly beautiful cats were born of a spontaneous genetic mutation in Siamese cats. These medium-sized cats have more to offer than a pretty face. Balinese cats are intelligent, curious, playful, loving and a great choice for family pets. es, ears and tails are often darker than the rest of the cat’s fur.

Birman Another attractive pointed cat breed is the Birman, which has blue eyes. The Birman is a long-haired cat that comes in six colors but always wears white mittens on the paws. Although the exact origin of this breed is not known, it may have been created after Siamese cats from France were crossed with cats from Burma. Birmans are playful, sweet, and loving. 

Himalayan The Siamese and Persian cat crossed to create the pointed Himalayan. The breed is not recognized by all organizations as being distinct from the Persian. The Himalayan eye is always bright blue and the coat can come in many shades. Himmies can be very affectionate and playful.

Ojos Azules  Ojos Azules, which is Spanish for "blue eyes"), is a rare breed of cat. Its breed standard is still being developed. Its eyes are a unique shade of blue, even though they don't have any solid or pointed coloring. They produced litters with many different markings, including the most intense blue eyes of any cat breed.

Persian  Persians are a popular breed because of their soft, silky coats and distinctive faces. They also have sweet personalities. Blue eyes are common in white Persians. Persians are known to be calm, loving, undemanding and gentle. For affection, Persians love to snuggle up with their owners. You'll need to prepare for a very high-maintenance grooming routine due to their lush coat. 

Ragdoll The ragdoll is a laid back cat. It's easy to get sucked into these adorable cats with their big blue eyes. Their intelligent and friendly nature is often compared with dogs. Ragdolls are known to do tricks for treats. To keep these social cats happy and active, it is important to provide them with plenty of company and enrichment at home. 

Siamese For decades, the Siamese cat has been a favorite among cat lovers all over the globe. It's no surprise that the Siamese is so popular with its beautiful almond-shaped blue eyes and elegant physique. Meezers are smart and curious, as they are affectionately called. 

Snowshoe Cat The Siamese and American shorthair were combined to create the snowshoe cat. These cats are another pointed breed with blue eyes. Their white mittened paws look like they've been covered in snow, which is how they got their name. They are smart, vocal, and easily bored.

Turkish Angora The most common color of the Turkish angora's eyes is blue, but it can also come in gold, amber and bicolor. The cat has a long, shiny white coat. This cat is very friendly and affectionate. It thrives in a home with other cats for most of the day.

Tonkinese The Tonkinese is a hybrid of the Siamese, Burmese. The Tonkinese is a beautiful, soft-pointed cat with beautiful eyes. It can be either blue, aqua or yellow-green. These cats are affectionate and playful, and they can be very playful as well. Although they aren't as talkative as Siamese cats, they can still express their emotions.