10 Cat Breeds That Have Blue-Colored Coats

Russian Blue Russian blue can only be found in one color, according to the breed standard: a bright, even and uniformly colored coat. The silver tips make the coat shine and add beauty to it.

Chartreux Chartreux cats are France’s national cat. This breed is believed to have originated from Persia and is extremely rare outside of Europe. This cat is easily identifiable by its blue-gray fur, copper eyes and copper-colored hair. The coat color can range from light ash to darker shades of slate. The blue fur is medium in length and has a unique texture.

Nebelung German for "creature of the mist", Nebelung means "creature out of the mist". This blue cat looks as if it could disappear into the morning fog. The Nebelung is a graceful, uniformly blue-gray cat that is often compared to a Russian Blue.

Korat The Korat is a dark-blue cat breed. Thais refer to it as "rain-cloud gray" because of its silver-tipped coat. This gives it the "seafoam effect." The Korat has a short, light-colored coat that should be light at its roots but gradually turn darker towards the tips.

British Shorthair Sometimes, a British shorthair is called a "blue cat". This is why the breed was called "British Blue". This breed is available in many colors. Blue cats are well-known for their beautiful blue fur and copper eyes. They are the most popular blue cat breed.

Oriental Shorthair The Oriental shorthair is a mix of different coat colors so it's not a breed that is only blue. One of the most distinctive features is the Oriental's unique blue coat. A solid blue Oriental is elegant and slim with its long legs, elongated eye sockets and almond-shaped nose. Blue coats can be as soft or intense as a slate gray.

Persian Persians are known for their long, flowing hair and brightly-colored faces. This cat breed is available in many colors. Blue used to be the preferred color of this breed's hair. The Persian's exotic appearance makes it an appealing choice, even though it is not as well-known today. The blue coat can be classified as either solid, smoke, shaded or tabby.

Russian Blue Burmese originally had a rich, sable-colored standard coat. Today's standard breed standard allows four coat colors: platinum, champagne, platinum, and platinum. This distinctive color can be found in the Burmese, even though they are not a pure-blue cat breed.

American Shorthair The American shorthair is a medium-sized cat that comes in many coat colors and patterns. Blue coats are rare. This breed is a great choice for families with young children because they are friendly, gentle and easygoing. This is a beloved breed.

Domestic Shorthair A domestic shorthaired cat is a non-pedigreed mix breed cat. The domestic shorthaired cat is the most loved in America and 80 percent of American cat owners have one. They come in many different colors, including blue.