Top 10 Most Beautiful Smiles In The world

Michael Jackson This legend is a true icon, and he left his smile for his fans. He is known as the "king of pop", a versatile artist with almost too many credits to count. He was a successful man, but it is unlikely that you could smile as big as him.

Julie Roberts  She is often referred to as the 'Pretty Woman' and made her first appearance in Satisfaction and Mystic Pizza. The audience was captivated by this American actress. Her beautiful smile is the ninth most famous in the world. 

Tom Cruise The three-time Oscar winner has much more to offer than his thrilling movies and action packed thrills. You may be asking yourself how the one of your most beautiful smiles can bring you so much fame, credibility, and name recognition. This is the answer to the famous expression "beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder". 

Matt Damon She must have been a familiar sight and you may have fallen in love with her while watching Notebook, a romantic comedy. You won't want your popcorn to go away when you see her stunning smile. You must be jealous of her stunning smile She is the seventh person to have the most beautiful smile. 

Rachel Adam The handsome hunk made his acting debut in the movie 'Mystic Pizza. He is charming with his 'all-out smile', which I find irresistible. Luciano Barcoso is his wife. He is a billionaire because of his personality and most importantly, his beautiful smile. 

Angelina Jolie  You didn't see her in the blockbuster film 'Lara Croft. The actress is known for her charismatic smile and heart-warming charm. She is also one of the most influential Hollywood actresses. It is not hard to see that a smile can make a difference in one's career. 

Miranda Kerr  The Australian model is a constant inspiration to her fans. A healthy body and mind are key to a beautiful and healthy smile. Dolly, Victoria's Secret and Maybelline are not just for those with a smile. It takes more than a normal smile to work at these brands.

Halle Berry American actress, who was a National Beauty Pageants teen finalist and won many such titles. She is known for having one of the most beautiful smiles in the world. She inherits a beautiful smile that is 'world-class'. 

Jessica Alba  The Hollywood actress and beauty with brain, this woman is gifted. You will forget everything with her beautiful smile.  She was named to the Men's Heath and FHM lists of the most beautiful women in the world, and has won millions of hearts. Her smile is probably the most attractive in the world. 

Anahita Hashemzadeh She is the cutest thing to have ever happened online. At just five years old, a viral Instagram model captured the attention of millions. Look at her eyes! She is so charming. You can see her beautiful smile, which is the best smile in the world. A viral Instagram model, born in Iran on 2016, is this. Her nicknames include 'Cutest Baby' and 'Queen Internet'. You wouldn't believe the number of people who follow this 5-year-old girl.