Top 10 Most Protective Dogs in the World.

The Komondor’s protective instincts extend beyond the sheep it was bred to guard.

The PULLI also has a natural Instinct to protect its owner and family.

The GIANT SCHNAUZER is a large breed, size alone makes it a good guard dog

Great Danes are noted for their height, which plays a significant role in their capacity

The medium sized AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD is both attractive and courageous.

Dobbies have a cheerful demeanor and are incredibly playful around family.

ROTTWEILERS are protective of their family by nature and make excellent guard dogs.

GERMAN SHEPHERDS can withstand blizzards, hard hits, and other dangers that heroes confront.

BOXERS are a faithful breed of dog that is ideal for households with children.

The BULLMASTIFF is a news dog with a muscular build.