Top 10 Popular Pet Fish Breeds In United States

10. African Cichlids South African cichlids are among the most popular tropical freshwater fish. Most of these colorful cichlids (Blue Mbuna, Bumblebee Cichlid and African Peacock) come from Lake Malawi.

9. Angelfish A freshwater Angelfish is actually a type of South American cichlid. They have a diamond shaped body and long, trailing fins. Due to this reason, they are often called the King of the Aquarium.

8. Bristlenose Pleco If you have seen a spotty catfish at the bottom of a Goldfish tank then it is undoubtedly you spotted a Bristlenose Pleco.

7. Clown Loach Sadly Clownfish are not freshwater fish, so the next best thing is the Clown Loach. It is of two types :- (a) Sumatran Clown Loaches have bright red fins. (b) Borneo Clown Loaches have black fins.

6. Discus The Discus is one of the largest South American cichlids. They are also the most peaceful fishes. This colorful cichlid also shares the title King of the Aquarium with the Angelfish.

5. Dwarf Gourami The Dwarf Gourami is a small but colorful fish. This striking little fish is available in many different colors but the flame coloured is the popular one.

4. Harlequin Rasboras Rasboras are tiny shaped lovely fishes. The orange and black Harlequin Rasbora is one of the cutest and showiest. Harlequins are easy to care for and are well suited for the beginners.

3. Oscar A single Oscar fish can dominate a whole tank. These orange and black Halloween coloured fishes can be like very captivating but the decision to add this fish in your tank should not be taken lightly. Oscars are extremely aggressive fish and so only experienced aquarists should attempt to keep it in a tank.

2. Tiger Barb The Tiger Barb is a very active barb fish with a tiger stripe pattern on its body. Tiger Barbs come in many different color forms including solid silver and albino. Most of the time they are silver coloured with orange fins and black bands.

1. Gold Fish No doubt that a Goldfish is the number one most popular pet fish in the world. People have been keeping Goldfish since the 19th century and their popularity soared during the early 1900s. In addition to the Common Goldfish, you can get a Comet Goldfish, Oranda, Fantail, and many more coloured goldfishes.