#10.“Affenpinscher” With an average weight of 8 pounds and standing on average at around 10 inches tall, the Affenpinscher originally hails from Germany. These curious and active terriers are nick-named Monkey-Dogs because of their stubby muzzles and dark eyes that give them ape-like facial expressions.

#9.“Papillon” Weighing an average of 8 pounds and growing to an average of 9 inches tall, Papillons have a history that goes back almost 7 centuries. Their name comes from the French word for butterfly and with one glance you can see why--They have large furry ears that look just like that of a butterfly’s wings!

#8.“Toy Poodle” Toy Poodles have an average weight of 7.5 pounds and can grow up to 10 inches tall. The Poodle breed is thought to have originated out of various Asian herding dogs and experts cite many ancient breeds as their possible ancestors.

#7.Toy Fox Terrier The American bred Toy Fox Terrier weighs an average of 7 pounds and stand an average of 9 inches tall. Toy Fox Terriers are the Toy version of the Smooth Fox Terrier and were bred in order to control pests and small scavengers on farms.

#6.“Japanese Chin” A loving companion to emperors of China and Japan for centuries as well as their subjects, the Japanese Chin usually weighs 6-7 pounds and has an average height of 9 inches. Japanese Chins are avid adventurers who love to climb and are very loyal.

#5.“Maltese” The name Maltese means “from Malta”, and that small island in the Mediterranean is where these dogs originated from thousands of years ago. The Maltese has been a companion dog for most of its existence and can be a great dog for those who have moderate dog allergies but still love the animals.

#4.“Yorkshire Terrier” Yorkshire Terriers or “Yorkies” stand at about 9 inches tall and generally weigh around 5-6 pounds but have also been found weighing around 13 pounds and still being healthy.

#3. “Pomeranian” These diminutive dogs only a couple hundred years ago could weigh well over 20 pounds, but after only a few generations of breeding them small, now have an average weight of 5 pounds and height of 9 inches. Pomeranians originated as shepherd dogs in a region called Pomerania that now consists of Poland and Germany.

#2.“Chihuahua” Chihuahuas have an average weight of 4 to 5 pounds and height of 8 inches. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the origins of the Chihuahua, which gets its name from the Mexican State of the same name.

#1.“Russian Toy” The smallest dog breed in the world is that of the Russkiy Toy known in America as the Russian Toy. These dogs have an average weight of 4 pounds and height of around 8-9 inches tall. As you can tell by the name, these dogs originated in Russia where they were bred from the Manchester Terrier.