Top 11 Big Dog Breeds that Deserve a Lot of Love

Leonberger The Leonberger is a huge dog. These big-hearted giants, which were almost three feet tall and weighed more than the average high school sophomore, were used to pull ammunition carts across Europe's fields during World War II.

Great Dane We could make a list with the best giant dogs, and Scooby Doo would be left out of it! Great Danes have been a beloved American dog for many years. They are large, friendly and have a reputation for being loving family dogs who are particularly good with children.

Newfoundland Newfoundlands are large and strong with a big heart. They have a sweet disposition and are patient with children. Their tolerance combined with their natural protection and herding instincts has earned them the title of "nanny dogs". The agility of Newfies is remarkable for large dogs. They excel in agility and flyball.

Afghan Hound Fully grown Afghan hounds are far and away the smallest dog on the list. They can weigh in at around 60 pounds. The Afghan hounds are tall, slim, and elegant, measuring in at 2 1/2 feet. They look a lot like Cher circa 1965. Afghans are natural sight-seekers and have a lot more stamina than other dogs. They also need to do more exercise.

Irish Wolfhound The largest of all AKC breeds--the breed norm for their height simply states "30 inches minimum." The Irish Wolfhound will get attention wherever you take him. They are enormous dogs that can be a great companion for family members.

Saint Bernard The Saint Bernard, along with the Great Dane is likely to be the most popular breed when people think about big dogs. They are loyal and reliable giants that can reach close to 200 lbs when fully grown. Their thick, soft fur enhances their full appearance.

Great Pyrenees The Great Pyrenees look stunning with their fluffy, white, snow-white coats. They are a breed you will never forget. They are strong and intelligent, and were originally used to guard roaming flocks. They are prized watchdogs today because of their ability to learn commands , and to understand which territory is "theirs."

Anatolian Shepherd Full-grown Anatolian shepherds, which can weigh in at 150 pounds, are another handsome brick house. Their friendly faces and buff coats have won them many dog owners, but their loyalty is what has made them so popular.

Black and Tan Coonhound Perhaps it's because I was raised with The Fox and the Hound and The Aristocats but every black and Tan coonhound sounds like Pat Buttram. These dogs are a great choice for hunters, being brave and easy-going. These dogs are equally happy as couch potatoes or family pets.

Weimaraner The Weimaraner, a graceful, elegant, and beautiful dog, is a stunning blue-grey or amber-colored beauty. The Weimaraner is easy to care for and groom. They need exercise regularly and prefer to participate in agility or flyball contests than sit on the couch. These dogs make excellent pets for people who have large yards or active lifestyles.

Mastiff This is it. The largest of the big. The strongest of all the strong. The "huge dog's alpha and omega." A fully grown male mastiff would stand between 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall and weigh in at around 230 lbs. They are strong, powerful, and massive. They're watch dogs and tireless workers.