Number 11, Drew Barrymore    This famous lady was born in 1975 and got an early start in Hollywood. Her professional acting career began when she was just 11 , All of Barrymore's hard work has paid off as well and her net worth is estimated at $125 million.

Number 10 Jennifer Lawrence    This country girl turned superstar is worth an impressive $130 million nowadays and her unexpected rise to stardom transformed her into one of the most iconic actresses of our time 

Number nine Scarlett Johansson     Johansson has appeared in numerous campaigns for brands like Louis Vuitton Calvin Klein and Dolce and Gabbana, This lady's star, Power Raw talent and good looks, make her $140 million net worth. 

Number Eight Demi Moore     Demi Moore has been in the headlines for just about everything, but there's no denying her talent as an actress and she has an astounding $150 million net worth to prove it. 

Number seven Miley Cyrus,     Cyrus hasn't let that deter her from being one of a kind. So far, her successful career has earned her a net worth of about $160 million 

Number six Angelina Jolie     At around the same network as Miley Cyrus. Angelina Jolie is one of Hollywood's most successful actresses and a true international icon. 

Number five Julia Roberts,    Julia Roberts is another Oscar winner who's made a lot of money throughout the years.  Her numerous projects have left her sitting pretty on a net worth of $200 million  

Number four Sandra Bullock    By 2000, Bullock had established a solid career and took the part of an undercover FBI agent in Miss Congeniality, which grossed about $212 million internationally. She continued acting in features like Crash the Lake House and Premonition before starring alongside Ryan Reynolds in 2009 is the proposal that same year, Bullock lately in the blind side which won her an Oscar for best performance by an actress in a leading role. 

Number three Julia louis Dreyfus,     Another actress enjoying a net worth of $200 million is famous for her work as a comedian, Julia Louis Dreyfus was born to French billionaire Gerard Louis Dreyfus an American writer slash special needs tutor, Judith, light fever, Julia began working toward her comedy career in the Chicago improv group called The Second City. 

Number two, Jennifer Aniston    Aniston made it big on the NBC series, Friends before the widely loved sitcom.  Nowadays, Aniston's net worth is an incredible $240 million. 

Number one Jessica Alba   Number one on our list of the world's richest actresses is Jessica Alba a beautiful and talented star that rose to international recognition through her part as max Guevara in the Fox series Dark Angel.  work on the television series, Ella's finest. All of her efforts have earned Alba an outstanding net worth of $350 million