12.Golden Retriever This gorgeous, golden-haired pooch is sure to catch any dog-lover’s eye. Golden Retrievers are medium-sized and were originally bred for working, hunting, and showing.

11.Samoyed This medium-sized fluffy dog makes the “Most Beautiful Dog Breeds” list because of its gorgeous white coat. The breed’s name comes from a group of people that moved to Siberia a long, long time ago. These pooches were initially bred to work in severely cold climates.

10.Pharaoh Hound These kingly dogs are a medium size, ranging from twenty to twenty-five inches tall and weighing as much as fifty-five pounds. Their long necks, legs, ears, and tails make it easy to guess why they’re known as “Pharaohs.”

9.Dalmatian Just about everybody loves the Dalmatian’s signature black-and-white spotted coat thanks to Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. These pups turn heads everywhere they go since they stand out from the crowd. The strange thing is, nobody is quite sure how this breed came to be.

8.Chow Chow Chows are one of the world’s oldest dog breeds. They used to accompany Chinese noblemen. Apparently, even a Tang Dynasty emperor had about five thousand of these fluffy dogs living in a permanent facility, where his workers tended to the dogs daily.

7.Australian Shepherd These twenty-one to twenty-three-inch-high dogs can weigh up to sixty-five pounds full-grown. They’re adorable and fluffy as puppies, and their thick fur becomes even more beautiful when they reach adulthood. They can be red or blue merle, meaning they have spotted patterns of grey, red, black, and white fur or mixtures of numerous colors.

6.Bernese Mountain Dog These giant pups grow over two feet tall and weigh as much as one hundred fifteen pounds, and their statuesque features make them one of the world’s most beautiful breeds. They originated in Bern, Switzerland where they were used as guardians, cattle directors, and companions.

5.Irish Setter These red-haired beauties got their start in – you guessed it – Ireland. The country’s huntsmen needed dogs capable of swiftness that could cover large areas of flat ground easily. Irish Setters earned their reputation via hunting birds.

4.Pomeranian There isn’t a person in the world that can get past a Pomeranian’s good looks. These little poof-balls can steal anyone’s heart in a matter of seconds, and they have been for centuries.

3.Icelandic Sheepdog The next beautiful dog breed on our list is the Icelandic Sheepdog. This pooch grows up to eighteen inches tall and weighs as much as thirty pounds. Their history stems back about one thousand one hundred years when Norwegian settlers bought the dogs to Iceland.

2.Akita This large dog is a major part of Japanese history. They were developed in the country during the seventeenth century.

1.Siberian Husky This dog makes number one on our list because of its gorgeous thick coat and wolf-like appearance. These dogs were initially bred to be companions to their human counterparts and for pulling sleds.