Mississippi Map Turtle Originally from the Mississippi Valley's lakes and streams, Mississippi map turtles are adorable little creatures that have tons of personality.

Common Musk Turtle The common musk tort, also known as the stinkpot turtle, is ideal for those who love herps and aren't afraid of getting messy.

Red-Eared Slider The red-eared slider has become a very popular species in the herpetology world. Their active nature is a major reason for their popularity. They also have stunning looks!

Peninsula Cooter The peninsula cooter turtle is a popular species of pet turtle found throughout Florida. It is easy to find and cares for.

Wood Turtle This is a rare species you won't find in every pet shop. Wood turtles can be a little more rare than other species on the market. Wood turtles are often more expensive than other species because they come from breeders.

Razorback Musk Turtle This beautiful turtle species has a very unique life style. The aquatic habitat of the Razorback Musk Turtles is almost completely aquatic. They can be found swimming or lounging at the bottom of the aquarium. They rarely venture onto the land.

Pink-Bellied Side-Neck Turtle This adorable pet turtle is quite the sight! This turtle is beloved for its bright colors. These guys don't have the same muted colors as aquatic species. They are wearing bright neon shades.

Reeve’s Turtle Reeve's Turtles, the smallest member in the Mauremys family, are very manageable. The exact sizes of each turtle will vary. However, most turtles that are born in captivity will reach 6 inches in height.

Painted Turtle Another striking species is the painted turtle. It has a lot of looks. The shell's beautiful markings make them a fitting name. They aren't the only thing that is attractive about them.

Spotted Turtle Spotted turtles, which measure only 4 to 6 inches in length, are among the smallest of all aquatic turtles on the pet market. They are about the same size as the common musk tort. They have an unusual appearance!

Caspian Pond Turtle Caspian turtles are now a scarce commodity in the pet trade. They were once imported regularly from Eastern Europe and Middle East. 

Yellow-Bellied Slider This active pet turtle species has captured the attention of reptile-lovers all over the globe. The yellow-bellied slider is one of the most popular species in the trade.

Central American Wood Turtle We have the Central American wood tortil. This turtle is very similar to the one we saw earlier. These guys are more accustomed to living in hot, humid areas and they spend less time in water.

Three-Toed Box Turtle The three-toed box turtle is not recommended for beginners. The three-toed box turtle can be difficult to care for and has some peculiar behaviors that may make it challenging for new owners. 

Eastern Box Turtle This beauty is amazing! Many turtle-enthusiasts love the eastern box turtle's menacing appearance.

African Sideneck Turtle The African side neck turtle requires a lot of water. The care of these turtles can be difficult for novice owners.