Irish Setter A deep, rich red coat is characteristic of the Irish setter. This sporting dog's coat, commonly called mahogany or chestnut is stunning. Their coats are fine and shiny. It is important to brush your coat regularly to keep it looking its best. The Irish setter is a happy, energetic dog that enjoys being with its family.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Nova Scotia duck-tolling retrievers have a medium-length, varying in length from coppery red to golden with white markings. This breed was originally bred to be a hunting dog. It is now gaining popularity. Tollers are small for a retriever but have large personalities.

Irish Terrier The Irish terrier is well-known for its fiery red color and temperament. These bold, but affectionate dogs have different coats from ginger to golden. The Irish terrier's distinctive beard is what gives it its distinguished appearance. Regular brushing will maintain a clean and orderly coat.  

Dachshund Although the dachshund is not the most common red-coated dog, it can be a great choice. There are three types of doxie's hair: long-haired , smooth-coated , and wire-haired . It is easier to take care of smooth-coated dogs. They require little more than a bath or a wipe down. 

Redbone Coonhound The stunningly short, glossy and shiny red coat of this hunting dog is striking. These pups are stunning to look at with their sleek fur and chiseled muscular structure. This short-haired dog breed is easy to groom.. This breed is a great companion for avid runners and hikers. 

Vizsla This Vizsla is a strikingly golden-red Vizsla with a shiny, short coat and an agile, lean build. The Vizsla does not need much grooming. You don't need to brush them often as they have no undercoat. To keep your coat shiny and healthy, 

Australian Shepherd Australian shepherds are full-fledged, intelligent, and fur-rich. The long, elegant coats of these herding dogs are full of energy, intelligence, and fur. The breed's stunning, long coat needs to be maintained with weekly brushing. An undercoat rake can be used to remove dead hairs from the double-layered coat. 

Shiba Inu The shiba Inu has a small, foxy appearance, a reddish-brown coat and pointed ears. This breed is known for its quiet and reserved nature, which often draws comparisons with foxes. This Spitz is a good choice for calm, moderately active households. The shiba Inu is known for their red color, but they can also be black or tanned. 

Golden Retriever A variety of gold colors can be found on the golden retriever's coat, with some tipped into deep mahogany tones which appear reddish to the eye. The field-type golden retrievers are particularly reddish and have shorter hair and a more compact body. 

Cocker Spaniel Cocker spaniels are known for their flowing, luxurious coats. The cocker spaniel comes in a variety of colors, including black, white and tan. The coat of this breed needs to be combed frequently as the feathers and fur can quickly become tangled and matted. 

Rhodesian Ridgeback The Rhodesian Ridgeback is another hunting dog that can be added to the red-coated list.  The ridge of fur that runs down the spine of this breed is their most distinctive mark. It grows in the opposite direction and earns them the ridgeback name. 

Akita The large bear-like dogs are shaped like the shiba Inu, with a curving tail and upright ears. Akitas can have a thick, red coat, but they also have a white, chocolate, and tan coats. They shed their thick undercoat only twice per year, despite having a thick coat. 

Pomeranian The Pomeranian is a toy breed that has a double-layered, fluffy coat. This makes them famous for their fluffy appearance. To keep their long hair clean and untangled, they need to be brushed frequently. Poms, despite their small size, are very active dogs who love to run and play. 

Poodle The poodle is a beautiful red dog with curly hair. There are three sizes available: the standard, the miniature, and the toy. All have the same athletic build. The curly hair of these dogs can be either solid or part-colored shades (also known as apricot), as well as gray, white, and black.  

Australian Cattle Dog A stunning blue- or red-mottled coat is another characteristic of the Australian cattle dog. It can be called either a "red heeler", or a "blue heeler" depending on its color. The double-layered, long coat of this herding breed is ideal for outdoor work. The coarse, short fur requires little maintenance, and usually only needs to be brushed once a week. 

Labrador Retriever These dogs are most commonly available in black, yellow, or chocolate. However, the family-favorite Labrador can have a red coat. Red Labradors are also known as ruby Labradors or red fox Labradors. The AKC breed standard states that the yellow color of a lab's typical yellow can "range from fox-red or light cream." This color variation is not allowed in the showring. Although reds are stunning,