20 of the cutest and the best pet rabbit breeds in the world

#20. Californian Rabbit A cross between a Himalayan and a chinchilla

#19. Havana Rabbit They’re named The “Havana rabbit” because they resemble the chocolate color of Cuban cigars.

#18. Tan Rabbit The Tan first emerged in 1880 in England and its popularity peaked over a century later.

#17. Harlequin Rabbit Originally known as the Japanese rabbit.

#16. English Angora Rabbit The little creature really does look like a little ball or fur!

#15. American Rabbit The rare breed is a great choice for first time owners because of its calm, sweet nature.

#14. Lionhead Rabbit The only way between 3-3¾ lbs and are the cutest little bunnies ever.

#13. Jersey Wooly Jersey Wooly come in all sorts of different colors and make great pets.

#12. English Spot Rabbit This bunny will fit right into any family and it’s recommended that The Breed spend at least to our outside the cage to stretch and hop around.

#11. Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Weighing in at between 1¾ -2½ Lbs, the Netherland Dwarf Has to be one of the cutest small breeds of rabbits around.

#10. Holland Lop Rabbit The Holland Lop also known as the Miniature Lop, is the smallest of the Lop eared breeds around.

#9. Mini Satin Rabbit This lovely little Bunny is weigh in at just 4¼ lbs they make lovely family pets

#8. Mini Plush Lop Rabbit Another delightfully small rabbit that makes a great choice of family pet.

#7. English Lop Rabbit The English Lop’s friendly, laid-back personality has earned it the nickname, ” the Dog of the Rabbit World.”

#6. Britannia Petite The Breed comes in a variety of colors.

#5. Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit This Rabbit is not only the world’s smallest breed but it is one of the rarest on the planet too.

#4. French Angora Rabbit If you are searching for a rabbit that will make a statement, the French Angora is it!

#3. American Fuzzy lop American Fuzzy lops boast a flat “Bulldog” face with gorgeous lop ears.

#2. Miniature Cashmere Lop Some 10 years later the Miniature Cashmere Lop appeared on scene.

#1. Black de Hotot The Dwarf Hotot has to be one of the prettiest little bunnies on the planet.