Top 7 Most Popular Animals Owned As Pets In The United States

1. Dogs As one can expect, dogs are the most popular pets in the United States, with almost 50 million households owning at least one dog in the United States.

2. Cats Cats are some of the oldest known pets, as scientists discovered that a cat was being kept as a pet in Cyprus approximately 10000 years ago. Cats follow dogs as the second most popular pet in the United States, with over 30 million households owning at least one cat.

3. Rabbits The AVMA did their survey and found only 1.2% of American households (or 1.2 million American households) living with about 3 million rabbits. It seems like these fluffy and adorable bunnies are one of the favorite animals of Americans to be owned as pets.

4. Fishes Fishes, are considered to be that kind of pets which are easier to care than most of the other animals especially once you have an aquarium. They are as low maintenance as pets can be. Watching these creatures swim around their aquariums can be therapeutic and relaxing for many people, which is definitely one of the reasons why they rank so high on the list. Approximately 11.8 million households in the USA having fishes as their pets.

5. Guinea Pigs Other mammal species include animals like hamsters and guinea pigs, which have the advantage of being extremely cute. They are also mostly small in size, so people with the smaller apartments can keep them as the pets easily. Around 2 lakhs households in America uses to own these small chubby animals as their pets.

6. Reptiles Reptiles are also starting to become more common to be owned as pets, possibly because they are unique, making them popular among younger people. Over 365000 households in the United States owning reptiles as their pets.

7. Mountain Lion (Puma) The states of Alabama, Nevada, and Wisconsin in the United States allow the ownership of the wild animals as pets like mountain lions with no restrictions. So, around 500 households in America owns Mountain Lions as their pets and this became a new trend in the United States.