Top 8 Big cat facts

One tiger can eat up to 88 pounds meat at a time. This is not surprising considering male tigers can eat up to 660 lbs. 

Africans believed that white lions were messengers from God and represented purity. White lions can only be born to parents who share the same gene. 

Snow leopards can leap 6 times as high as their bodies! 

Jaguars are excellent swimmers and live close to water. Jaguars can actually bite through turtle shells or crocodile skulls with their strong jaws and teeth. 

For protection against the cold, snow leopards can wear their tails as a scarf. 

Amur leopards can cover up to 37 miles an hour 

The white Bengal tiger is more agile and heavier than the traditional orange-colored Bengal Tiger. White tigers can travel 60 miles an hour at their peak speed. 

Lions are the top predators of their environment, be it grasslands, deserts, or open woodland.