Top 9 Sure Signs Your Cat Trusts You

Earn kitty’s trust It can be difficult to understand a cat's behavior and it can be hard to tell if she trusts you. There are signs that you can look out for in order to determine if your affection for your pet is mutual.

He counts on your routine "Cat trust is hard to build, but consistency will improve your relationship with your cat." "Keep to a schedule so that they can rely on you."

She kneads into you It's a sign your cat trusts and needs you if she kneads at you. "Kneading is a relic of kittenhood when your cat would show her mom that she is hungry and ready to drink milk. "When your cat kneads with you...she recalls the safe, happy feeling that she had as a baby kneading, and she now wants to share it with you." Your cat might see you as a mother figure.

He gives and responds to “cat kisses” Nonverbal communication is a big part of cat communication, especially when it comes to their eyes. A cat kiss is "a slow, long blink, with your eyes and attention focusing on the cat's eyes during and after the blink."

She rubs her face on you True, most animals don't consider a headbutt to be a sign of affection. For cats, however, it is a loving gesture. "When a cat scratches or rubs its face on a human's leg, or their face on a dog's leg, they are marking them with their scent glands along their sides and tops of their heads."

She rolls onto her back The belly of your cat is very tender. Stevens claims that your cat's belly is sensitive and will roll onto her stomach to show you her feelings. This is mostly a sign she feels safe when you're close to her, since being on her back can be a dangerous position.

He eats out of your hand (literally) A cat that is very hungry or very spoilt might not mind eating food from anyone. Cats won't eat food from humans unless they are very trusted. 

He brings you spoil Even if you don’t own a cat you’ve likely heard of cats giving their owners small "presents" in form of dead or decapitated backyard animals. Your cat may view them as "presents", but you don't. Their prey is their triumph, survival and their instinctual nature of wild hunters. 

She gives you a “thumbs up” with her tail Dogs and cats can send many different messages using their tails. It's actually one of the most important aspects of feline body language. "A cat's tail can be a good indicator of their mood," 

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