What Are the Top 10 Tallest Dog Breeds?

10. Leonberger( Height Female: 65–75 cm, Male: 72–80 cm) The Leonberger is a gentle giant who stands tall and looks almost like a miniature lion. The Leonberger, Germany is where this dog got its name. The Leonberger is an intelligent, courageous and affectionate dog. It is also known for its calm and stable temperament. The Leonberger is known for its affectionate and loving nature towards its family.

9. Neapolitan Mastiff (Height Male: 63–77 cm, Female: 58–70 cm) The Neapolitan Mastiff makes a great guard dog. It is calm, gentle, quiet, and affectionate. This dog is gentle, protective and caring.

8. Kangal Dog (Height Female: 72–77 cm, Male: 77–86 cm) The Kangal was created to protect livestock in Turkey's Sivas province. It has a powerful bite. It is reserved, alert, territorial, protective, and reserved. Kangal Dogs and Anatolian Shepherds have been a subject of controversy. Many claim that Kangal Dogs can be as similar to Anatolian Shepherds.

7. Anatolian Shepherd (Height Male: 71–76 cm, Female: 66–71 cm) Anatolia is an area in Turkey that was home to the Anatolian Shepherd. The Anatolian Shepherd is a strong, territorial, tall and powerful dog that is very similar to the Great Pyrenees or the Kuvasz. Anatolian Shepherds, however, are more active and alert than these breeds.

6. Bucovina Shepherd (Height Female: 64–72cm, Male: 68–78 cm) Bucovina Shepherds naturally have strong, healthy and tall dogs. They were originally bred in Romania for protection and guarding livestock. They are intelligent, calm, and reserved dogs. Their ability to hunt down wolves is well-known. They require early training and socialization. Otherwise, they can become dominant and distant.

5. Great Pyrenees (Height Male: 70–82 cm, Female: 65–74 cm) The Great Pyrenees is a breed of sheepdog that descends from the Maremmano–Abruzzese and the Hungarian Kuvasz. Great Pyrenees can be tall and strong, brave, intelligent, and friendly. They are affectionate and protective of their family members and owners.

4. Tamaskan Husky (Height Female: 61–66 cm, Male: 63–71 cm) Tamaskan Huskies can be tall and strong, but they are also athletic. Although they were originally bred in Finland for their work as sled dogs and are now more well-known as 'wolf dogs'. Their appearance is very similar to that of wolves, particularly in the way they look and their colour. 

3. Scottish Deerhound (Height Male: 76–81 cm, Female: 71 cm)   The Scottish Deerhound can be described as a hunting dog, but more specifically, a sighthound. They were originally bred in Scotland for hunting the Scottish roader. The Scottish Deerhound is a tall, athletic dog with great speed and running stamina. They are calm, gentle and intelligent, with a rough coat.

2. Great Dane (Height Female: 71–81 cm, Male: 76–86 cm) The Great Dane, a Mastiff that is large and tall, was born in Germany. Many consider it to be the world's tallest dog breed. Gibson, the world's tallest dog breed, was a Great Dane. However, the average Great Dane is just slightly shorter than the Irish Wolfhound. Great Danes can be trusted with children and other pets because they are friendly, gentle and affectionate.

1. Irish Wolfhound (Height 71–90 cm) An ancient breed of dog, the Irish Wolfhound was originally bred to hunt wolves and be used in war. It is the largest dog breed in the world. They are gentle and friendly, but can be strong, athletic, and brave. Although they have a hunting instinct, they are not aggressive or ferocious. Irish Wolfhounds can be trusted with children, pets, and strangers.