What To Do If Your Cat Has A Cold Story

Do You Know What To Do If Your Cat Has A Cold?Even Though Cats Can Get A Cold, They Are More Likely To Come Into Contact With Virus Droplets If They Are Outside

This Means That Cats Who Come Into Contact With Other Cats Are More Susceptible Than Those Who Stay Indoors

If Your Cat Has A Cold, You Will Be Happy To Hear That There Are Some Things You Can Do To Make It More Comfortable

It'S A Good Idea To Turn Up The Humidity In The Room To Make The Air More Humid

Older Cats May Not Be Able To Keep The Area In Question As Clean As They Would Like, So You May Want To Try To Gently Wipe Any Excess Discharge From Your Cat'S Nose

Try To Encourage Your Cat To Eat As Usual, Keep Food Handy, And Try To Keep Kitty Eating

An Extra Warm Blanky And A Warm Spot In The Room Could Be A Good Place To Keep Cats Warm

It Is A Good Idea To Keep Kitty Away From Other Cats, Especially Ones That Are Not Vaccinations

Do Not Give Your Cat Any Human Medication Or Handmedown Remedies Because They Are Not Suitable For Your Pet

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