Why Do Cats Pull & Chew Their Nails? Story

Cats Chew Their Nails

When Humans Bite Their Nails It Is Usually Dismissed As A Nervous Tick Or A Bad Habit At Best

Cats Chew Their Claws As A Regular Part Of Grooming, But Excessive Biting Can Be A Sign Of An Underlying Problem

When You Should Be Concerned, Read On To Find Out Why Cats Bite Their Nails

Cats Will Chew And Bite Their Toes To Get Rid Of Debris Like Litter And Sand

There Are Situations Where Excessive Nailbiting Is A Symptom Of A Medical Or Behavioral Problem

Stress Or Anxiety Is The Most Likely Source Of Many Behavioral Issues

Cats Biting Their Nails Isn'T Unusual But Now And Then A Cat May Exhibit Excessive Biting That Needs Your Attention And Remedy

It Will Cut Down On Your Own Anxious Nailbiting If You Consult Your Vet

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